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Space Systems - SpaceS

Space is one of the traditional domains of C-MAST activities where the Center possesses a considerable experience. Thematic Line “Space Systems” aims at coordination od the C-MAST research with existing or potential space applications; developing a more complete and synergetic vision of the arising problems; finding new applications for already existing know-how; contribution to internationalization of the developed activities; and promotion of Space Research in academy and general public.

The principal issues to be studied in the framework of this TL are:

* Dynamics and control of space systems
* Advanced materials for space exploration
* Space Propulsion
* Technologies for environment control in space.

Technology Forecasting and Systems Engineering - TeFASE

Technology Forecasting applies to all purposeful and systematic attempts to anticipate and understand the potential direction, rate, characteristics, and effects of technological change, especially innovations, their adoption, and use. TF enables decision makers, be them from government agencies, organizations or from private enterprises that can be affected by technological change, to recognize the most promising technologies and to allocate resources to particular purposes. Formation of research strategies can greatly benefit from TF studies that identify technological paths with the greatest potential.

Systems engineering deals with work-processes, optimization methods, and risk management, overlapping technical and human-centered disciplines such as control and industrial engineering, project management , and organizational studies. Resuming, SE ensures that all important aspects of a project or system are considered and integrated into a whole, the natural objective of an efficient and productive Research Unit.

Technology Forecasting and Systems Engineering are crosscutting research activities and are conducted transversally by two Research Groups of C-MAST, AeroMAS and EnerMeF, aiming at developing suite of techniques, which will significantly extend and improve existing methods for performing so-called "tech-mining" and project management.

The main issues in study are:

* Trends in Space Systems
* Materials usage
* Energy systems and scenarios
* Human interfaces with technological systems
* Project and Industrial Management

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